maat.Settings class

Tweakable settings for a MaatEngine

❱   Attributes

bool force_simplify
Always simplify newly created abstract expressions

bool symptr_read
Allow reading from symbolic pointers

bool symptr_write
Allow writing to symbolic pointers

bool symptr_refine_range
Refine the range of symbolic pointers using the SMT solver

int symptr_refine_timeout
Maximum time to spend on symbolic pointer range refinement (in milliseconds, per pointer). Used with Settings.symptr_refine_range

bool symptr_limit_range
Arbitrary limit the maximal range of symbolic pointers

int symptr_max_range
Maximum range of possible values for symbolic pointers. Used with Settings.symptr_limit_range

bool record_path_constraints
Record symbolic constraints associated with the current execution path

bool print_insts
Print every emulated instruction to standard output

bool print_calls
Print every function or system call to standard output

bool print_warnings
Print warnings to standard output

bool print_errors
Print errors to standard output