maat::ir::IRMap::InstLocation struct

The location of a given IR instruction, it is made of an IR block and the id of the instruction within the block.

❱   Base classes

class maat::serial::Serializable
Virtual interface that serializable classes must implement.

❱   Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

InstLocation(uint64_t address, AsmInst::inst_id id)
Dummy constructor used by deserializer.

❱   Public functions

auto class_uid() const -> serial::uid_t virtual
Return the class uid (see ClassId enum)

void dump(serial::Serializer&) const virtual
Dump the object contents in a serializer stream.

void load(serial::Deserializer&) virtual
Restore an object from a deserializer stream.

❱   Public variables

uint64_t addr
Address of the asm instruction.

AsmInst::inst_id inst_id
The instruction id within the AsmInst at 'addr'.