maat::env namespace

Simulation of the external environment in which a process is run.


❱   Namespaces

namespace abi
Util classes and methods to handle various calling conventions.

namespace emulated
Namespace containing all emulated external functions, data, libraries, and syscalls.

❱   Classes

class Data
Emulated external data (in a library)

class EnvEmulator
Main class emulating a process environment.

class FileAccessor

class Function
Emulated function.

class FunctionCallback
A C/C++ or Python callback emulating an imported function.

class Library
Emulated external library.

class LinuxEmulator
Specialisation of 'EnvEmulator' for the Linux operating system.

class PhysicalFile

❱   Enums

enum class FileSystemAction: uint8_t { CREATE_FILE, DELETE_FILE, CREATE_DIR, DELETE_DIR }
Actions modifying the filesystem layout.

enum class Action { CONTINUE, ERROR }
Action returned by emulated function callbacks.

enum class OS { LINUX, WINDOWS, NONE }
Emulated operating system.

❱   Typedefs

using filehandle_t = int
Opaque handle to a file (equivalent of file descriptors on Linux)

using fspath_t = std::vector<std::string>
Absolute path to a file or directory node in the virtual file system.

using args_spec_t = std::vector<size_t>
List of function arguments sizes. A size of zero means the current architecture address size.