Loader module

The main interface to load an executable file in Maat's engine.


❱   Classes

class maat::loader::CmdlineArg
A class representing a command line argument supplied when executing a binary.

class maat::loader::Loader
Loader interface for loading executables into a MaatEngine

❱   Enums

enum class Format { ELF32, ELF64 }
Executable file formats.

❱   Typedefs

using environ_t = std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string>
Environment variables for a given process.

❱   Functions

auto new_loader() -> std::unique_ptr<Loader>
Convenience function returning a loader instance abstracting the underlying backend implementation.

❱   Enum documentation

enum class Format

Executable file formats.


ELF 32-bits.


ELF 64-bits.