maat::ir::ProcessedInst class


A ProcessedInst holds all the current values (in CPU and memory) of an IR instruction parameters for the current CPU context and memory state. It is an internal intermediary structure used by the symbolic emulation engine to process IR code.

The values held by the member fields depend on the type of operation that was processed. For in0, in1, in2, the current value is computed. For out, the FULL value is used (without performing potential bitfield extracts).

❱   Public types

class Param
A processed parameter, it can hold either an abstract value, a concrete value, or no value at all.

❱   Public variables

Value res
Result of the operation to be assigned to destination operand (if applicable)

Param out
Value of output variable.

Param in0
Value of first input parameter.

Param in1
Value of second input parameter.

Param in2
Value of third input parameter.