maat::env::abi::X86_CDECL class


❱   Base classes

class ABI
Abstract interface for different ABIs.

❱   Public static functions

static auto instance() -> ABI&
ABI instance (singleton pattern)

❱   Public functions

void get_args(MaatEngine& engine, const args_spec_t& args_spec, std::vector<Value>& args) const virtual
Get function arguments.

auto get_arg(MaatEngine& engine, int n, size_t arg_size) const -> Value virtual
Get function argument number 'n' (starting at 0)

void set_ret_value(MaatEngine& engine, const FunctionCallback::return_t& ret_val) const virtual
Set a function's return value before it returns.

void prepare_ret_address(MaatEngine& engine, addr_t ret_addr) const virtual
Set the return address prior to call a function.

void ret(MaatEngine& engine) const virtual
Return from a function.